When translating a general text or a non-specialized text, the used language should be clear and natural but sometimes good language skills are just not enough as it is the case with specialized translations. The translator has to understand the context in order to be able to translate a text into another language, thus this type of translation requires some deeper knowledge on the subject in question in addition to the linguistic expertise.

I offer a complete range of professional translation services for German, English and Romanian.

You can not only rely on my high level language skills but also on my expertise in fields such as:

Industry and Technology – I acquired my expertise in this field while working close together with engineers, software programmers, software testers and Quality Managers. Some of the types of documents I translated are:

  • Technical documentation
  • User manuals
  • Procedure descriptions
  • Software requirements
  • Test specifications
  • Test reports
  • Safety instructions
  • QM documentation
  • Guidelines and work instructions
  • Process descriptions
  • Tender documents etc.

Finance – With a master’s degree in Economics and almost 5 years of experience as a Buyer for non-production material at a multinational company, I have the knowledge required to be able to provide you with high quality translations of  financial documents. I translated a wide range of documents from company presentations to invoices.

Law – I have a vast experience editing or translating various legal documents such as:

  • Delivery Contracts
  • Service Contracts
  • Purchase orders
  • Legal correspondence
  • General Terms and Conditions
  • Purchasing and Delivery Terms
  • Certificates
  • Court decisions etc.

Others – Medicine & Pharmacology

  • Medical reports
  • Medicine package inserts etc.